Frequently Asked Questions

About the boat

How many people does Rum Runner hold ?

47 passengers plus 3 crew

Can we play our own music ?

Yes! You can plug your Iphone or Android straight into our system via the headphone jack.

Can I take babies and young children on board ?

Yes but they are still considered an adult when it comes to the number the boat can hold. *Note on certain ticketed cruises they will incur a normal ticket price but this will be clearly indicated.

What is the boat security deposit ?

There is a security deposit of $500 required prior to sailing. This is 100% refundable at conclusion of cruise notwithstanding damage occuring to the boat.

What is included with my $200 BYO surcharge ?

If you choose to cater your own cruise Rum Runner will provide you with BBQ and utensils. We will also provide eskys for your drinks.

Is there wheelchair access ?

If the wharf you choose to use has wheelchair access then yes. We have a gangway onboard which we can use to enable easy access to our boat.

Can we smoke onboard ?


About your cruise

What should I take with me on the boat ?

Depending on whether you are on a day or night cruise.

Day: Swimming is popular on Rum Runner so don't forget your swimmers. We have sunscreen onboard but it always helps to bring your own. If weather looks inclement maybe some wet weather gear.

Night: Some warm clothing in case it gets cool. If weather looks inclement maybe some wet weather gear.

What time should we get to the wharf ?

We like to tell passengers to at least be at the wharf 15 minutes early.

What can we do on the cruise ?

If you have booked a private cruise then whatever you like. We can cruise around Sydney Harbour taking you sight-seeing or we can drop anchor in a nice little cove and go for a swim or fishing. The boat and the crew are yours! You just tell them what you'd like to do.

Can I get the boat provisioned before my arrival?

Yes! We are happy to provide a BYO Alcohol service and have Catering packages available.